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We are the largest Home building company in Belize, Central America! We build what Belizeans refer to as "Mennonite houses" because we are located in the middle of the Mennonite colony in Spanish Lookout. Our houses are built with a variety of different hardwoods harvested locally. Simply let us know what size, color, and layout you want and we'll be sure to make one that fits your exact needs. We deliver houses up to 20 feet by 40 feet in one section. In addition you can join a few of the 20 x 40 houses in an "L SHAPE"  to create a bigger house.Houses can be delivered anywhere within Belize except the Islands. Come visit us, we are located in Spanish Lookout, Belize. Check out our Houses page to see what we currently have available.

            Our houses are made of Hardwood or Painted Metal outer walls.  Included in the list price is installment of the house on 6 x 6 hardwood post, with the floor height set up at 3 feet.  Houses come with box frame windows (with locks and removable screening), glass louvers, and mahogany doors. For an Additional cost we can also install inside walls, wiring, lights, toilets, shower stalls, and wash hand basins.  We can also lift your house to your desired height up to 9 feet.  We require 50% down payment prior to placing an order, and the remaining amount before the house leaves our yard.  If the order is cancelled and/or changed, 15% of the value of the house will be withheld.  Houses are moved at our own risk.

Moving to Belize?

If you are considering buying property in Belize here is something you may want to keep in mind. Some cities and towns in Belize require a building permit in order to build a home. Acquiring this is the responsibility of the land owner. For more information regarding building rights in Belize please contact Belize CBA.

Spanish Lookout is the Industrial Hub of the Country!