Interior House Gallery

PVC Paneling Walls & Ceiling

  • Cost effective and affordable!
  • An easy way to enhance your home with accent walls.
  • Easy maintenance, simply wipe to clean.
  • Longevity and durability. Pest resistant!
  • Water resistant. Ideal for use in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Variety & Personalization, choose your patterns and colors to make your house your own.
  • Insulation for temperature and sound.

Sheetrock/dry wall

  • Comes plastered and with 1 coat of primer
  • Can be painted for your choice of color
  • Easy to repair with plaster and paint
  • Provides some sound and temperature insulation

During delivery the sheetrock does have a tendency to crack, so we send our team out after set up, to repair any damages to the sheetrock during delivery.

Kitchen cabinets and counter tops

We offer a wide range of designs for your kitchen, from Mahogany to Formica cabinets. With many different styles, colors, and stains, you can make your house unique to you.

With your choice of counter tops as well.
Formica (being the most affordable)
And Quartz!

With lots of options to make your home the place to gather!

Bathroom Fixtures

For your bathrooms we have standard fixtures we install.
For fixtures we can upgrade we offer:
Wash basins
Shower stalls
Bath Tubs
And bathroom vanities

With your ideas in mind, along with your budget we can work with you to get the house to your price point.

Ceiling Options

  • Cathedral ceiling (hardwood raised ceiling)
  • Hardwood ceiling (hardwood ceiling flat)
  • Vaulted ceiling (raised ceiling with PVC or sheetrock)
  • Vaulted ceiling beams exposed (raised ceiling with PVC or sheetrock)
  • Flat ceiling (with PVC or sheetrock)

Other upgrades and additions

In addition to all these…
We offer you customizations! We build to suite your needs.

Additional options:
Slanted “shed” roof
Kitchen Islands
Upgraded fixtures
Bay windows
Upgraded doors (barn doors, sliding glass doors, french doors etc.)
Painted Houses (interior and exterior)
And more!

Ask and we will do our best to meet your dreams!