20×30 3br 1b Hardwood or Metal

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom houses

Our 20×30 houses are generally well fitted for the 2 bedroom 1bathroom style, but we’ve found ways to fit in 3 bedrooms!¬†

We have several plans to choose from, some more basic and others a little more upgraded. Everyone has specific needs and space in different areas, so another option is that you can send us your floor plan and we can go with that too!

We also have many ways of personalizing your homes.

  • Metal or Hardwood Siding
  • Hardwood houses have the option of painting
  • Sheetrock/drywall or PVC paneling cased walls
  • Sheerock cased has the option of painting
  • Mahogany or Formica kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Upgraded counter tops
  • Windows (placement, style, and color)
  • Veranda (size and style)
  • And so much more!