Common Grade Hardwood Houses

Common Grade (or 2nd grade) Hardwood Houses are a popular option for these Mennonite homes.

Our hardwood is Kiln dried tongue and groove for the siding and flooring. We use tarpaper as a moisture barrier as well.

Our second grade hardwood comes from the same logs as the first grade hardwood. The second grade lumber is also cut and kiln dried as well as dressed but it has tiny defects such as tiny pin holes, Tree knots and small cracks.

Despite the tiny defects, the second grade hardwood is still a great option for those who want a durable and beautiful home at a more affordable price. The tiny pin holes and knots give the wood character and a unique look that many homeowners desire. Plus, the defects do not affect the structural integrity of the wood.


With our Mennonite homes, we pride ourselves on using high-quality materials while also being mindful of our customers’ budgets. That’s why we offer the option of using second grade hardwood for our Common Grade homes.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful, high-quality home, consider a Common Grade Hardwood House. We are available to discuss what option would be best for you, keeping in mind your budget, location, and also your style and dream house.

PlEASE NOTE: For an additional cost we do inside walls of your preference, casing, wiring, lights, toilet/s, shower stall/s or tub and wash basin. We can also lift your house to your desired height up to nine feet floor height . We require a 50% down payment to place an order. The rest before the house leaves our yard. All adjustments or complaints must be made before the house leaves our property. If order is cancelled or changed 25% of the value of the house will be withheld. Houses are moved at our risk.