House Shells for Cayes

These prices are for houses made of second-grade hardwood and do not include inside finishing.

The total cost price in BZD includes:

  • Installing the house on 6×6 hardwood post, with floor height at 3 feet off the ground.
  • Box frame windows with locks and removable screening, glass louvers, or sliding Glass Windows with Screens
  • 2 outside mahogany doors
  • 2 stairs to 3’ floor height
  • Kiln dry Tongue & Groove Hardwood Floors sanded with 1-coat of varnish
  • Unpainted R-panel roofing
  • Tar paper on walls to keep moisture out

In addition, these prices are supplied with the understanding that the buyer will provide rooms for the workers to sleep while they are on the island

KINDLY NOTE: For an additional cost we do inside walls of your preference, casing, wiring, lights, toilet/s, shower stall/s or tub and wash basin. We can also lift your house to your desired height up to nine feet floor height . We require a 50% down payment to place an order. The rest before the house leaves our yard. All adjustments or complaints must be made before the house leaves our property. If order is cancelled or changed 25% of the value of the house will be withheld. Houses are moved at our risk.